Jul 14, 2012

It is freaking cold !! I am not a winter-person-its-just-to-cold-for-me. And this weekend is heavy, there are snow on the mountains, and although it may sound”what-the-hec” for all of you overseas people. In SA we are totally not geared for winter....we don’t have central heating in our houses.....What is that????  Here you can sat in front of a heater or n fire, and please don’t get a pee....because if you move for the heating you are mostly freeze!!.

This weekend we are in front of our fire place...( NOT MOVING AND INCH ) and just snuggle and watch movies and EAT !!!! if its this cold its all I want to do !

Twins have running noses and are grumpy......

.... but what a nice  not moving weekend, eating pancakes and soups and please don’t forget the chocolates!!
Friday after work.... Dad busy with his best part of life... playing with his kids

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