Mar 27, 2012

Wondering how the Sunday went....

When we hit the farm on Friday, BIG  SURPRIZE !!!!

Grandma Nonna bought a ticket from Joburg and landed on Wednesday visiting Suro-sus, keeping the surprise to us. ( for us she was moaning the plane tickets was too expensive for a weekend but in the mine while her ticket was booked.) It was so nice seeing her again. The twins love her.

My family are very loud and all over each other and they are a bunch of don’t-miss-anything-family-related!! So you can just think....the twins got back home HYPER ( not that they need it at all).

Saturday we  just did coffee-shop-hopping and chill around. Joking about all the people already waiting at church. The Cape Epic Mountain bike event start on Monday in Robertson. Its nearly 2 000 riders, you can just think the face of 2000 mini tents some of them around the church.

Sunday was chaos at home getting everyone ready. It was a super special day for me. When we sat down in church and I see the Big Bouquet of flowers. One pink and one purple. Tears just start to roll..... I was so emotional. It was just so unbelievable. I still need to pinch myself from time to time.

Suro-sus carried both babies in. And then all of us were standing in front, while the kids got Christianized. The minister made it very special and blessed. Wium start laughing when the water hit his head, and Nika was her old poker-face.

Afterwards the whole family and friends gather at my parents!!.

What a special day!!!

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