Mar 22, 2012

I was a bit absent......reason.......twins like attention!!! Alot is happening in twin-sel-town.....

This weekend we are going to my parents, because on Sunday we are going to christening the twins!!

We are seeing forward to it allot. It’s very special for us. We waited a long time to decide. The minister that will do it, was what makes-up our mind.

He married us nearly 12 years ago, and he is just this super, amazing, fantastic man you will ever met. For us its not about the Show-the afterwards-Party-what do I wear and will –who-ever-see me! No its about Wium and Nika and us. The minister is someone who feels the same and I know he will do it with a heart thats pure.

After all these years we have been so blessed!! Its still a miracle!! And I am so blesses God have seen us after all these years and blessed us with the twins! I will not lie to you, there was a time I thought God forgot me, or I wonder if He had glasses that made me invisible, because I think he forgot it was my turn for babies. But I know there was a reason for this very long road, and day by day things happen and makes things more understandable. Not all we will understand, that I know...but I like the person in which I have changed over the years.

This is how a "Oupa" looks that was scared of small babies!!

..and the crazy " Ouma"

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