Mar 16, 2012

the twins lying watching clouds while mommy is busy...

The past 2 years I have not did anything in my garden ( I love gardening!) because I was mostly busy with treatments and if at home it was the last thing on my mind. And we have had a drought for 2 years where we were not allowed to water our gardens.

At this stage there is NOTHING in my garden...

Yesterday I have entered my poor garden again!! To start all over again. And boy it was nice!!!

I have planted hundreds of flowers and give food to all the trees and take out dead stuff. Was difficult with the twins because just as I was on a roll the one wants to sleep. Then its gloves off , patting, sleeping!!! Gloves on and there I go!!!

I think the universe I so glad I am back again, then last night the skies open and till now...

ITS RAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cat and dogs!!!

I think all my plants are blessed right now!!

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