Mar 7, 2012

1 year ago!!!

This is how Nika and Wium look on day 5!!! not many kids have this photos of themselves.

Last year on this day was the day, when we did the transfer of Wium and Nika!!

I still remember the chaos of the day.....

I still remember every little detail.....

I still remember the numb-feeling while lying on the theatre bed...

Because we SO DESPRETLY wanted it to work!!!

And now one year one ...who will ever have thought that this is how our life turned out to be!

When the lab-chap send me the 1st Fodies of my kids....I never think that this is how Nika and Wium will be!!.

One of the ICU sisters said: God took 10 years to make the most beautiful and special babies!! And this is soooo true!!

We just love every moment of being parents to our special babies xxxxx

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  1. Baie cool!!! Hulle was pragtige blastosiste. Dis ongelooflik om te dink dat hulle as daardie bolletjies selle begin het!Wat was hulle graderings as blastosiste?