Mar 17, 2012

Last year on this day was the day we got our blood test of our 3rd Suro try.

We always went early to get it done as soon as possible, but on that  day we just hang and hang...I think we were scared!!! It was our last try. And the out come would be our destiny for our future.

I still remember the sister of the clinic calling me and said: we still did not get your results and our nerves, with me saying....we did not do the test yet!!

It was after 12 o’clock  when we finally hit the  lab. Taking foodies of the bloodworks. I remember when we left the building, suro-sus said: I know you don’t want to try again, but if this don’t work, I will do it again!!!( Super sus)

I remember lying around at her house and then I saw the call. ( at the clinic they know they must not phone me with the results, they must text it to me) but now they call. I get up walking to another room and know I have to face my giants!!

When I answer,The sister said....I know we must not call you but!!!!! YOU BOTH PREGNANT!!!!!  And we are over the moon!!! My beta was not very high so I know it will probably crash , but Suro-sus was so high, I just know its 2!!!!

When we end the call.. I was start crying!!! At last Suro-sus got pregnant!! There I was shivering and did not know what to do..... I was speechless!! ( yes it can happen) I phone Luv and cry, I went to Sus and was crying( like I cried the whole pregnancy) and she was looking and said....I did not work again!!!!!!

And all could do was hugging her and said!!! You are pregnant!! And she was yelling!!!!!!!

What a day!!!!! We are so glad Nika and Wium decided to stuck at last!!


  1. It brings tears to my eyes! What an awesome day and that news is absolutely just the best xxx Congrats again!

  2. Dit is een mooi beeld van een gelukkige familie;)
    The kids are lovely:)
    liefs Annick