Mar 13, 2012

Luv was away for work on Thursday and Friday a Magazine did a photo shoot with us. Will let you know when it will be publish.

Boy did me and Suro-sus have fun with the shoot. We have had so much laughter. Can not give you all the detail now but, will tell you later all the detail.

It was great fun, they did the shoot with us and the twins. It was a long day , we defiantly glad we are not models!!! Its tiring with babies because the one poop and then the other is sleepy and then the other want milk.  But this I can tell you.....we laugh!!!!

Then the rest of the weekend we took a break and yesterday, Luv put in leave ( for his Bday)so we just spend the day, as a family. The twins loved it when both their parents are with them, then they get 100% attention!!

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  1. My liewe Cstelle,
    proficiat vir hierdie shoot.
    Ek is nou al nuuskierig na beelde ut die tydskrif. In Vlaandere is dit byna lente.
    Baie kisses, heel liefdevol,