Mar 26, 2012

One of the phots before church ( at the back 2000 of tents, no it was people who attent church...its the Cape Epic that have start today)

In the newest edition (April) of the Afrikaans-women-magazine SARIE (  I have won the winning-letter-of-the-month....and what did I won????? R300 and 2 bottles of Versace yellow diamond perfume. Here is what I wrote...


When I was small, I was sitting in church with high-alert ears, listening to stories of Angels and Miracles. Would it not be nice to meet an angle??? And what about to see a Miracle?? It was a child’s dream.

There I was growing up with and an angel under my nose ( not even knowing it) my sister, the surrogate mom of my miracle-twins.

Now after 10 years, 9 miscarriage, lots of trauma’s, I am holding my twins in my arms. I don’t get enough of them, I am so blessed!

It was an amazing journey with my angel-sus. The loads of injections, the disappointments when the treatments did not work, the keep-on-trying, the through-the roof-jumping when we saw 2 blobs on the scan...and then the lots of talking, the excitement on the way to the theatre en the unbelievable moment when I saw the two little heads.

Just show you , it was not only in the bible where there was angles and miracles.

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  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Jy het ontroerend geskryf! Dit is 'n baie mooi foto. Julle prijkt in my Blog.
    Vreugde, felicitaties, die tweeling en ook Suro Sus is super oulik!
    Baie kisses, heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen (waar het Lente is),
    Je vriendin,