Dec 13, 2011

The weekend was a bliss!!! It was so nice to break and to just chill around and enjoy the kids!! There was DIY work also , l like it just to do some normal stuff again.

The weather was not that nice but the weekend was wonderful. You can feel the holiday feeling here in South Africa.... people are driving all over, kids are on their bikes, its just a chilling vibe!!  We went out with the wraps , our babies just love that and all the attention they got. After all they are special babies. Luv is going to take leave after Xmas it will be our holiday, this year was not very holiday-like, we need this break. Suro sus is also going to visit us. I miss her kids so much. She will have freight if she sees the twins.....they BIG!!

I was Saturday at a friends Bday party and Luv did the baby sitting all on its own....when  I got home He wanted to get me a medal!!!!!! The one twin gone to sleep at 2h45 and the other one wake up at 2h46.... now he know how I spent my days..... running around!!! But loving it!!

Yesterday I was burping them and the bell ring!! I think NO I am not going to open!! Then  my cell ring, curiosity took over to open.... and there my roommate from school was.... haven’t seen her in years!!! It was so nice!!!! This time of year you don’t get much to do, and its most of the time, you that are just soooo lazy you just want to party!!!

...and this year will be the best ever!!!! WE ARE A FAMILY!!!!!

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  1. Dag my liewe gelukkige Cstelle,
    Jou belewenisse met die Tweeling lees hom so aangenaam.
    Hier 'n skakel van vriendschapsband tussen Vlaandere en Suid-Afrika:

    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaandere,