Dec 6, 2011

a normal day???

How does a typical day in the twin-house looks like...

I know we are in sort of a routine, but for me and luv that are not your normal-routine-like-people-actually-there-is-zero-routine it is very much routiny!!

First morning get up is anything from 6 to 8. I am very lucky if it’s early enough before Luv went to work, because then he can help me with the feed!! I will quickly jump through the shower otherwise I will be stuck in my PJ’s for the day.

Then I will quickly make the beds and sort out all the scattered stuff of the night. Then I will bring them down stairs and put them down for  a nap( just if I am lucky!!) If I am lucky I will start sterilizing all the bottles of the day ( this take a while) and get all my STATIONS ( will tell you later) ready for  the day. This is my saving grace if my stations are not ready for the whole life turn to a dark night!!

If they let me more sleepy time I will do the washing and ironing and cleaning, but if they not letting me this time the rest of the day is chaos, then its feeding, changing diapers, do the burping, trying making them to sleep, try to calm them down, try to do some stimulating exercising ect.

Some time I’ve got time to make lunch other than that its coffee and rusks for lunch ( little secret...its most of the time coffee and rusks. Luv will get back to work and the baby-rituals begin all over again. If  I am lucky they will sleep and I got time for my emails. Sometimes if the weather permitted we will go for a walk in their pram which they just love!!!!!

16h40!!!! Best time of the day!!!! Luv arrived from work!!!! And then I got an extra pair of arms!!!! We will have a coffee( yes I am a coffee-junkie) or we will go out for one( love the  new scenery for the day)  or we will go out for a walk with them.

Then its the normal feeding-changing-burping ritual and then anytime from 22h00 to 23h00 we will bath them.... i know its late but it work for us. The normal 18h00 is just too early for mom and dad.

Then they will go to bed and we will go and sleep or sometimes 24h00 is the best time to hang the washing!! Luckily they will only wake once in the night. The night they are super!!

And then the 6h00 cycles start all over again!!

Some day are super calm and other days are super hectic!!!

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