Dec 4, 2011

sleepless weekends zzzzzz

Why are weekends so short?? Its the only time I have two pair of extra hands to help....

And today Nika rock us!!!! She just don’t want to sleep. Okay its a family thing, no one likes to sleep, their mommy too, but now some days I will love so a bid of extra  sleeping time.

So today she did not sleep from this morning 10 o clock till tonight 21h00. She has only sleep while we went to buy the newspaper with the stroller and that was half an hour!

We were so busy with them today and luv has already gone to bed, and I have discovered the paper only now and its 23h00 at night. I am tired but this quick peace time to read is golden....

... and the twins are getting bigger and bigger and I still love every second of them. I have a totally new life now and old life... whats that???? Whats sleep???? Whats clean clothes???? Whats you own time????

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