Dec 16, 2011

See you in 2012!! xxxx

I am going to take a break till next year, so this is my last post for 2011!!

Thanx for every single one that follow my blog, I wish I can meet you all!! That will be super great!! Without even knowing each other you support me on my journey,  and that means alot to me!!

It was a year where I have meet wonderful angel-people. All have touched my heart in so many ways!!

This was a rollercoaster year with NO Guarantees in the beginning of the year and it turn out to be the best year of my life!! now we are going to just enjoy the twins which we dearly love.

My wishes for you is.....HAVE A WONDERFUL XMAS!! And may 2012!! Be you super year!!!

Love you all!
Me, Luv, Nika and Wium

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