Dec 9, 2011

Packed and GO

This last week was busy, but I think its a before-Xmas-thing.

Tuesday there was some personal stuff that was very important that need to be done as soon as possible. It was the first day I went out with the twins in the car on my own....and it went so well!!! I timed myself to see how quickly I will mange them in their car seats, buckle-up and bags pack. Record time just surprise me so much , I have been out allot since then.

The meeting went sooo well!!!! Please to see I still got it!!

The twins did not sleep for 2 days from then on and then yesterday they sleep the whole day!!! Maybe they have had an “don’t-sleep-competition” I did not know of. ( their mother and father are very good at that!) They are on their own wickets and I just need to full in!!. Have to say with a whole days sleep I only got 4hour sleep last night!! Adrenalin????? Kick in please!!!!

We are going away for the weekend, it will be the first time out since ICU that we ar e packing again. And Geez Whizzz just the diapers and the burp cloths took a seat!!!! And they are taking up a seat.

We are seeing forward to this sooooo much!!!!! Yippeeee its Friday!!! My favourite day!!

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