Dec 14, 2011

Last year this time I was at a very bad place. We did not know what to do next....Me and |Luv was just so fed-up!!!!!!I was feeling terrible after just other miscarriage and the statistics not turning a single time in my favour. I wands feeling shit for Suro-sus, because now she is head-on in  this fuck-up road, of not getting pregnant and we did not want her to go through this stuff again. As you can see, we where on nobodies land not fitting in anywhere!!! ( and for Xmas time to not fit in is awhfull)

We decided we don’t want to do it again, we will enjoy the next 3 for years just to have a normal time for once in our life  and then we will hit the world!!!! We will travel forever!!!!! After all we don’t need to save our money for our kids!! ( little secrect and just before I will turn 40 we will try again, just maybe...)

But my loving sus WANTED to try again!!! ( its in our genes... to not give up) so okay then one more try!!!!! But its the last!!! Suro attempt!!

...and now one year later look how my life turn out to be!!!! We are parents..... We have TWINS...... I am a mom and luv a dad.... We are a family..... We are super-dooper-happy.....My house are not neat stuff are all over our house.....I am mostly dress in puking clothes and pee on my pants....I don’t get sleep anymore....I AM ADDICTED TO A BOY CALLED WIUM AND A GIRL CALLED NIKA!! They have turned our lives up-side-down.

All our plans vanished in the air!!! And brand new plans have took over!!

And all I can think off is......WHAT IF WE DID NOT TOOK THIS LAST TRY ?????


  1. I so hear you on this one Cstelle... I thank God everyday that we did the "last ditch" IVF that resulted in Kade.

    Life is sooo good!


  2. slaap kindje, slaap:)
    lieve groetjes Annick