Apr 19, 2011

8 Weeks scan!!

Baby 1 ( look the head, body arms and legs, unbelievable!)

                                                    Baby 2 is lying like a worm!!

Sorry for the late update, but after the scan we went for breakfast and then I got in the car and drive home. After getting home late afternoon, and after informing Luv of all the detail of his CUTE little babies, it was late.
I was so excited for the scan and it was so wonderful!! Our little miracles are so wonderful to watch!!
Baby 1 is 8 weeks ( 18mm) and 2 days and Baby 2 ( 20.7mm) is 8 weeks and 5days. They are measuring the exact weeks where they suppose to be. All is so fine, it’s unbelievable!!! It’s so different as with  my scans.
Baby 1 was jumping and I could see the arms and legs moving and the heartbeats! Baby 2 was looking a bit sleepy ( not a morning person like his mom!) It was absolutely the most amazing thing to see our little babies!! I just fall in love with them xxxxxxx
It was our last day at the clinic and YES, I cried again…pregnancy is making me more emotional. My most wonderful doctor was saying he cannot believe the road we walked together and too get to this point.  Me too!! But they tell me to come and show them the babies and then we are going to party!!  That’s for sure!!
It was soooo nice to clear my account for the last time in 10 years!!! My expire date sooo due!!

Suro-sus  cannot wait to do the last injection on Monday, her butt is in a lot of pain. She is so great to do this for 9 weeks every day! She is not feeling the best due to all the hormones, but she don’t complain, she is like my SUPER WOMEN… (but please don’t fly away with my babies!)


  1. Wat jou sus vir jou doen hier, is seker een van die beste maniere om iemand te kan help and sy is regtig baie spesiaal!

    Ek is so bly als gaan nog goed met julle babatjies!

  2. Awe man your little babies are so precious! Can you believe that you can see their little head legs and arms, truly amazing. You so deserve your happy endig and these 2 little babies are such miracles and are so blessed. You are truly blessed to have such an amazing sister :-)
    Enjoy every second of your pregnancy xxx

  3. Gorgeous photos... love to see them :)) xoxo

  4. What a beautiful update! Perfect pictures too. Those little guys are getting so cute and recognisably human (at our last scan our babies still looked like little aliens).