Apr 27, 2011

Public Holiday

Today is a public weekend again. The month of APRIL is full of them. We decided to go away for the week but after never being home we decided to stay and just enjoy out home… which end up never being home.

We were invited to friends and was having a wonderful evening with lots of laughter, we played Bridge with other friends the whole night through, we camp with suro-sus one night.

She have stop with the injections and she is over the moon and her bum is thinking is Christmas, cannot believe his luck!! The torturing is finish!!! We spoilt her with a nice woolly gown, to saying thanx!! For her doing this injection stuff!

Yesterday night we went to a going away party of one of our friends! It was so nice!! And the host did a lot of effort, from the welcome drinks, to the table setting to the food it was out of this world, she can go and do catering any day!!! She have style big time!!

…. And then why ??? I don’t know, they ask me to do a show.

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