Apr 10, 2011

Back from the festival

Got back from the festival yesterday, as sick as a dog.  I am allergic for pine stuff and on the floors of the tents there is always pine saw-dust, and then after a few days, I am all stuff up, snotty nose and woolly head. So there go my tomorrow exercise programme. I am feeling horrible!!

But the festival was as always very nice. Me and Luv are going to the festival for years now!! Even before we were married. This years was our first year staying in a hostel ( we did the camping  thing for years….) and after years of music throughout the night and students tripping over the tents, the hostel was like a super luxury hotel. The room was cool after a very hot day in  the streets, and when you hit your pillow it was nice and quiet, peaceful, Hot showers and enough toilets, and the bonus breakfast ala hostel-style!!!
This year the shows we watch was good and there was a few super-sad-rockers. So we saw the good and the bad.
We saw a lot of friends and it was so nice to see and to have fun together and we laugh a lot!!
One day we were walking to one of the venues and we did not have time for coffee and while we were walking I was telling Luv how much I will love a coffee now…and the next moment a coffee-van was passing us. When  we arrived at the venue well in advanced of time for our show, there the coffee-van was park and they we rolling out green-fake-lawn with tables and chairs, and making promotion coffee and free chocolate !!! Highlight!!
Suro-sus is doing fine( sometimes a bit nausea), and all is well I cannot wait for the next scan, next week!

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