Sep 3, 2014

I think my kids are “outing-wise” maybe not out of choice, just because of no one to look at them.

From they were just 2 months old, we pack them everywhere we go. We still went to restaurants, coffee shop, shopping malls, outdoor activities, weekends away, I did took longer to get ready and go but they went with.

There was times where I thought gee this is stupid to do, but we did not want to miss out on all stuff because of kids.

And now nearly 3 years it is just so easy with them!!! And if we go out we left early morning and only get back late when it’s dark. And the twins love it!

We will always try to do something for them, visiting kids-fun-places-which mean-absolute-boring-for-adults-places.

But now where ever we go, sometimes just driving in a street in n near town they scream stop there a nice place! They have direction!!! Gee and this must being seeing roads and places from they were small.


Most of time we can just laugh at the things they did!!
Sitting like the queen and king on their chairs!! this is how they like to be transport!
Mrs N gets tired and pass-out in sitting position!
Mr W want to go grocery shopping and at the till pass out for his afternoon nap! and mommy's arm nearly fall off!
They wake on their way home so we stop for swimming and late-lunch!
Kids-stop !!
She want this hair band , and you get hairclips and bands with. She think you don't need to get the tag of and all the other accessories. she walk like this the whole day!! everyone that pass us laugh!! wonder why?? she look like a nut!!
They wanted us to stop to watch road works!! that's maybe the reason why always getting back dark!!


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