Sep 9, 2014

We’ve got our first pets in the house!!! And this is great excitement, dad enjoy this new pets the most!!!

Silkworms!!! ( hope this is what you call them in English)

I saw on the internet someone wants to give her away and I was in search for a long time for them. I call my mom it was in their town and ask to go and collect some for me.

Then they were coming with a lift. Luv set the alarm for me to wake and collect them from a lift near the high way.

All geared up I wake  and dress it was very dark still but it did not ring a bell, I don’t always wake this early!. I saw on my way out it was Half past 4. Thinking the clocks battery went. In the car I press the cellphone’s button also half pass 4!!


YES!!!!! Luv set the wrong time on the clock! Gee all this for worms!!!!! Kids have def change me !!

I just climb into bed with all my clothes and sleep 2 more hours!.

When the worms arrive at home the kids think this is the best worms ever!!! So the routine at home change to collecting leafs and feeding this all-day-eating-worms-getting-bigger-as-you-read-this.

As  kids I love them and love it when they walk on my hand! Now it give me the creeps, and I can not show the kids this!!!!

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