Aug 27, 2014

Geez!! This is one thing that flip this house if, someone gets sick!!!.

First Mr W  gets fever blisters in his throat, which you can only think is dam pain full and so sore. He could not eat or drink and was edge’s all day long!. He wants all my attention, but then Mrs N wants her part as well!.

So most of the days the competitions for mommy’s-attention was ON!! This can be draining!!

 Then Luv got flu just after that!! So there goes my extra help after 5!! And last Thursday I wake up with zero voice!  and so the twins start to whisper... this was so funny!! And the weekend I got the flu!!! In 5 years I was not so sick ever! I just wanted to die.

With no help, it was so hard on me to take care of everything around the house and take care of the kids!. There were days when I just wanted to sleep, I have got no energy. But with kids in the house this a far fetch thought!! They open my eyes the moment it close, with words....”NO sleeping mommy”!!! come and play!!! And the times I just felt they can do what ever just leave me alone, they swing like tarzan my curtains out of the rails.

I know they get bored with their sick parents so I took them out to play and then I hang for dear life unto the pillars, look more drunk than sick,while they having fun.
Shame but when they come and ask, mommy sick? And give me a kiss, my heart melts!!! I love them so much!!!!

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