Sep 26, 2014

Today 3 years ago the doc inform us that it don’t look as if suro-sus can hang onto the babies any longer and we are in 2 day off to meet our precious little miracles!!

I can still remember all the details! The excitement! Of how we have made it and  at last I will meet my babies. Although it was only 32 weeks I believe with all in me. All will be fine at the end.

I remember how as we step out of the doc place we jump on our phones with Luv..... Pack and come now we are going to be parents soon. Sus let her  hushand know and then our family! And friends, very one was so over joy!!!

And then I start getting so emotional,, cause at dam freaking last!!!! I will be a mommy!!!!

Now 3 years later I am busy with their Bday cake, and all the preps! And the whole day I am so emotional.... I cried through all the baking and icing.

I still cannot believe I am a mother!, I cannot believe that after so many years the try-again paid off!.

Wow this last 3 years went in a blast of so many things. So many happiness,  so many tiredness and so much fun!I love every single sec of this.

And tomorrow they will blow their 3 years old candles!!!!

Geee I love them so MUCH!!!!!!

So cute!
Day off!


  1. Wow! 3 already how time flies...

  2. Liewe Cstelle, Suro-Sus en Kindjes,
    Baie geluk, gelukwens vir hierdie derde verjaardag.
    "Die tyd vlieg snel, gebruik hom wel!"
    Dankie vir die oulike foto's van die "sea party".
    Vriendskap en veel soen, heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,

    PS: Ook groetjes aan mijnheer!