Sep 5, 2014

Making pony tails for school, W got his back pack on!!

So at last I got the guts to let go a little bit of my gorgeous twins, which I love so much!!!

After the high blood pressure-thing I decided to have a bit of me time and let the twins go to play school!!

This was n enormous-huge-decision to make! For me. But I also know I will have to do it, just get some stuff done at home. I think If I have, had some help during the day I would not have put them in school. , but its’ me and only me at home till Luv get home after work.

Yesterday was their first day at day care. They will go once a week for 1 morning!

So for this last week we have been boosting school getting back packs ready, lunch box, extra clothes and all the rest!. Singing our own school songs of how nice school will be!.

When they woke up........early!!! due to excitement we got ready in no time!( it always took ages) and they wanted their back packs on! So we left early, singing “our-own-school-song” and arrive super early!!! For our first day at school. Yes they were the first!!!!! I don’t think this excitement will last forever, especially not at high school anymore!!!

They run in and start to play and I left.... with no tears and no clinging! I do think emotionally they now at a right place to go.

I was not emotionally or teary! I just needed this break so much.

When I stop at home I see Mr W have took the “Mouse” with but have left it in the car.. this make me emotionally thinking the babies have left the house, and toddlers it will be form now!! “I MISS THE BABIES!!!!!!’


Now what did I do on this first day off in 3 years!!

I put on the wax pot and wax my legs, my bikini, my under arms

And lip. This was all due for long time. I look like some one from the stoneage. My legs look more forest-like. Bushy and hairy! It take hours if the kids are with, cause I need to scream every time the wax came off, this is so funny for them. And most times they glue with wax. I tint my eyebrows, do a quick facial, get rid of all the aged skin  ( and there are loads on my feet) summer is here and it’s flip flop time.

Then I bath and wash my hair with my music playing, not barney, fairies or tannie kriekke singing. Then blow dry my hair with now kids that want to sit on my shoulder  IT was H....E...A...V...E..N...!!!

With only n half hour to go before I need to fetch them I make myself a coffee and  dive on to the couch!! And just golden silence round me!!!!

I feel like n new me!!all groomed up!

I got the kids They cry cause they don’t want to go home! So first day at school was great for them. At home they pass out and sleep!!!!!!
And I can’t wait for next Thurday!!!

They so big now, mommy!!!
Proud daddy!!
This is so much fun!
I love clay!!
She have make this tulip in school and sleep with it, play with it, It did not leave her hand ...

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