Oct 13, 2013

When things sound far away you always think, there are loads of time....and before you realise it.... its on you and...You don’t think you really ready for what’s to come.

Months ago I enter the IMPI challenge, for several reasons( most personal). A month ago we received an email “ DO YOU EXERCISING THE RIGHT WAY”  if you running on the tar road it’s time to get off road! At that time I was still on the treadmill and now a week before the race, my running shoe did not even get the smell of gravel!!

I have just did a 6 km to see how I am doing and I am fine!! Will I be ready for the 12km with obstacles??? That we will see!

Awhile ago I have made a appointment with a knee specialist,( its the day before the race) because for years I am have discomfort and now my knees are sounding like a horror movie, its freaking! So I am having it check to see what future hold for my 39years old knees!.

First when I see I am not going to get fit in time, I thought I will tell this doc about the race and he will say, No don’t do it!! And it will be great!! But now

The more and more I think about it, I so badly want to do it! Fit or not! For myself I need to finish it, if not it will be the first thing I enter and did not do! And that is so not me!! I am a never ender tryer!! I have the twins to show for that!!


This is what  one of a lot of obstacles will look like....help!!

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