Nov 11, 2013

Sometimes things just pop up in your life, that open up long time memories and thoughts.

Last week was one of those one of my friends always say at parties the women can only talk or must I say moan about their kids ( they mostly not even look after all the time) their house helpers ( who mostly do all the stuff they  suppose to do) and their Husbands!!  These are mostly boring to me to listen at. And if they pregnant it’s like a FULL BLAST TRADAGY in their life. I must listen to they had bad the 2 months struggling to get knock !!!! How extremely nausea they are!! And the tiredness. Poor shame idiots!! And it was there decision to get pregnant, but now it’s all this moan. This poor baby must feel like a total failure doing this to poor stupid mommy.



I was reading an article a girl writes for a magazine.  With her first pregnancy she sleep the whole day ( yes she don’t work or anything it’s only then when you can sleep all day) and now the baby is 18 months and she is pregnant again( planned) and now she don’t have time to sleep ALL DAY and its not right to the new born, so she is getting someone to look after baby then she can sleep! ( Have you ever) and she is complaining all the way. Do this ass ever think that there are millions of other girls how need to work all day, still need to do things at home and have other kids at home and they pregnant too. They cope and enjoy life. Why do you want to be pathetic?? And a sorry-suzy?? Shame, these poor kids to have mothers like these!! I can only say good luck!!

It’s while listening to talks like this when I think of years of struggling, heaps and heaps of hormonal meds that get pumping into you. The nausea of weeks ( and it’s not due to pregnancy) the hours and hours spend at waiting rooms. The days and days you need to sit out in life because you busy with treatment.

Please just be grateful if life, have give you the easy-baby-card and enjoy the most wonderful miracle that life can give you.

All the effort to get this two, was all worth it!!!

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  1. oooeehoooooeeeee...hehe... kyk, wens ek kon nou by jou kom kuier het. Dan het ek saam met jou geskinder en in tale gepraat oor al die ondankbare vroue...want aarde weet wat ons sal doen om in hul skoene te wees!!!

    lief vir jou xx