Dec 3, 2013

I always wonder this time of the year why I am so damm irritated? I think mostly because I realize all things I did not get time for this pass year. Things that did not get done.( There are so many) I am piss because of the time I spend with people that did not deserved. I am piss because there was just not time for all my dear friends. I wonder if I did enough for my kids?( although I am 24/7 with them, it always feel not enough) And I wonder why the hell again I give myself NO ME-TIME. I am so due for that.

I am  seeing  so such forward to the holiday. It will be the longest Luv is going to took leave in December ever.  It will be wonderful just to spend time together with the kids and fun time, and to not any routines and just to go with the flow..... I want to laugh! And that happen most times when talking nonsense to my family and good friends. Just yesterday evening me and suro-sus where laughing our souls out for “funny-fam-photos”

And I think I cannot wait for the next year, I have so many plans and life changes for 2014!! I have so many planned I am actually seeing forward to it.

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