Sep 30, 2013

Saturday it was the twins second birthday!! Can you all believe two years have flash away in front of us? Two most amazing years, I still need to pinch me now and them to realize this is real.

The party theme was “dog and cat” and they love their cakes.

The night before a dear friend sleep over and keep me company and give a little hand while I bake the cakes! I did give her allot of short-cake- baking-ideas which she watch in amazement. Due to a new oven..... No flops this year. I am def not a pro, but I love to make all the things by myself. It took allot of time, thanx to pizza breaks and luv’s nice coffee, we got everything under control. Just before we went to bed at 1 o clock, we watch the birth video and it give a goose bumps all over....

Next morning Wium first wake ( with his newly cut hairstyle) I just laugh he look so cute now. When Nika make her entrance form the staircase, they run to each other and hug each other! As if they know it’s their special day.
                                           I love you brother!!

My parents arrived with all the nephew and nieces! And they all have had a jol and just play for hours before the party friends arrive.
                                       The family arrived!!

All their friends arrived and they blow their candles very proudly and the party start!!

Afterwards they were so tired!! And their parents too!!!

I love these kids 100 s and 1000s !!! I adore them!!!! They my everything!! I don’t want to miss a single second of them!!


....and to the most precious girl ( yes, she is a fairy with a wand) in the world who made dreams come true!!! Sus , I don’t have words for this give you give to us!! We love you so much!! xxxxx

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  1. Can't quite believe they are 2 already! What miracles. Enjoy every moment with them Cstelle.