Dec 11, 2013

The twins are getting smarter and adorable by the minute! I enjoy them so much and can not think each stage are speeding so fast daily. The stuff they do and the way they think and to see how different they are. I  give them space to develop each their own personality and that's amazing.

They love dressing funny and want to go out like that and I leave them. One day we go to town with swim-towels and one boot on. The next its face paint like cats or pants with second skins, or slippers ( maybe they have sore feet? who will know) some days I just want to laugh!! and they will also laugh about the photos one day!

                                                daddy leave me I look great!

Do you want to dance Sis?? yes they do think they very funny and ( he wanted to dress in her clothes)

                                                        We have so much fun  have together.

                look our nice car,'s the neighbours brand new walking-aid!!!!

                                                     I am addicted to my family!!!!!

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