Jun 18, 2012

The Saturday it was Suro-sus girl’s Bday party. It was a “princess castle party” with loads of kids!!! And the twins enjoyed it so much. They are not shy at all and love to socialize, I am so happy they are not these shy-sitting-under-my-dress-tipe.  Wium is crawling all over the place, you cannot leave him for one sec. He just leaves nothing!! He floods the mat at one place, with a sealed water bottle ( how did he do it??? Don’t know!) he took a wind-up-torch and break it ( how did he do it?  Don’t know?) Nika is the one that don’t ever stop talking....and the louder the better!) and she yell at Wium allot. Its very funny. To see them operating is priceless. Me and Luv are enjoying them so much!!

The evening after the party we did babysitting for Suro-sus, because it was her Bday the next day and she was having a party ( yes we stay home.....party time are not as easy as in future and the best part I don’t care a damm)

For her Bday the next day we went up Table Mountain. The twins are already busy with their adventurous.  They like an outing and its not that much effort; you just need to know....everything took way longer!!! We are now every good with feeds in the car’s boot and diaper changing at any place needed. And because we move so much they are not petty of where to sleep, they sleep anywhere any place.

In one of the shopping mall I by accident bump into someone, just to see its a fellow-clinic-friend. We did our Transfer on the same day.... she also got blessed with twins!!!! It was such a  wonderful surprise and so nice to see her again. Sorry we are not near for playdates!!

Twins enjoying the party!

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