Jun 24, 2012

During our 2 week away we also visit the Infertility Clinic. The place that was so part of my life for so long. This time with babies.

The moment we get to the hospital so many memories buzz on me. All the times I was getting up in the dark to get to the clinic. And that terrible feeling when you open the door and you see the reception and remember the million of times you was waiting and hoping and praying and believing and whatever feelings that jump on your back.

It feel very funny to go in there with babies.....but O damm  it was the best FEELING EVER!!!! The 10 years of try...was so worth it.

There was a couple waiting and it was as if I could not look at them, because I know exactly what’s going through their heads. I was so glad it was not me again.

The next moment the sisters pitch and it was  such a happy seeing each other!! And I was fine...but then I saw my doctor....and it was too much for me........I CRY !!! it was so emotional for me.

We have had such a nice chat and he was so happy to meet our miracle twins and say it is such a story of hope. We have come a long way.  One of the sister’s mention that I have join them, even before they were at that hospital. Yes I have even seen the decor-changing of the new premises a few times.

When we left  I told Luv it was a very emotional time for me the last 2 days visiting the hospitals , doctor, ICU, sisters, it drained me big time

BUT ...................It was the BIG END FOR ME. 

It was FINAL

IT was the END

We have come a long and difficult way, a not so easy way....but it was closure


Thanx to everyone that was  part of it , I love you all xxxxx

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