Jun 17, 2012

Happy Fatehrs day to all the fathers !!... and to Luv for his first. Little secret what did we do today....NOTHING ! because the "eager-beafers" thought it was fathers day last week.  Yes we could to WAIT!!!

Welcome Home Again....yes where are back in town after 2 and a half weeks. And I have missed you all. This was due a Luv’s work and  a few leave days. We have had a really FULL programme of which I will tell you over the next few days.

The day before we left, the twins grandma have visit them.... she was as sick as a dog, and now you will ask...so why the hec did she visit you if she was sick?? That’s what I wanted to know too. Form we have left ICU I have look after the twins with my life, I wanted to keep them from getting sick. All of our friends did not visit if they were sick and stay away, thank you all for having the brains for that. If I am sick I don’t go to other people, I my eyes its is super selfish and just thinking of youself, to spread your germs on other.

So when I open the door and she telling me she was sick, I thought Geeeee what the hell are you doing here!! ...

... and so the twins as so sick on our 2 week leave and I was so seeing forward to our little break, and so we where sitting with moaning kids with blocked noses and which did not sleep. Thanx Grandma!!!

First day we drove 7 hours to get to our destination ( Vredendal). (loads of road works) you can just think how the twins was. I know they don’t like the car seats , but buckle up they will be.  We are very strict on that.

The next day is was back to Cape town to friends, again a few hours of driving and road works. But it was so nice be visit them and the twins love being out of the car!! I think after the weeks the twins are so used to driving we can go anywhere. We have move 7 times over this time. You can just imagine the packing!! I want to keep our stuff as less as possible, otherwise we will not do this, often. But over the years we have pack-up-and-go-so –many-times  that I love it,  it is adventurous for me. I don’t see the slepp –in-packing I see the-fun-in-it!  Who in any case want to stay home..... not me....

Over the weekend it was Suro-sus Bday and her daughter 5th. So we stay there. The twins just love other kids and parties!!!

Nika taking a bath in the kitchen sink, because the guest house only have a shower.

Daddy doing a feed before we hit the road. as you can can see his a "hands-on-super-cool-daddy"

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