Jun 21, 2012

The next week we did our entire Doctor’s check-ups. Many moon ago, you would not see me at ANY doctor. I hate them and the big thing I was shit scared of them. (Injections were my down fall)... but now dr’s are my best friends. It’s the people I visits the most the pass 10 year, not willingly, that I can tell you.

I am a regularly-check-up-person now. I went for my eyes test every 2 years, my teeth very year, Chiro- maintains every 6 months. Gyni yearly. I do that because I am not scared anymore, and I don’t want to hear....If you just did your checkups regularly we could have help you, but now.....sorry! So from my side I will do my part.

We went to the Dermatologist, we go every 2 years, then he check all our sun spots ect. We are out door in summer mostly and with skin cancer all over the place, nice to know you fine. 

I went for a mammogram, I am not 40 yet but I know so many women younger than 40 with breast cancer and I know friends who have died from it. And after all these years of hormonal treatments I wanted to know I am fine. At the breast clinic they told me all the treatment can have a big effect. I did not know what to expected, because some people always tells you how sore it is.....I  felt nothing.  When I told a friend I am going, she said, so you can going to make a saucer from cup ?? When the girl got me lined up for the mammogram, pulling and squashing my boob to the scanner I was thinking about the “cup and saucer” thing and when I look down and I saw my flat boob, I thought I am going to burst out of laughter, it was just so damm funny !! SO she is asking are you fine?? Not uncomfortable??? I could just peep out a Yes....all I wanted to do was laugh!.  So boobs check ....all fine....the saucer is back to cup now.

We also took the twins to the Pead, they are fine.

The hospital wanted to see them...so we first visit the doctor who did the birth, he could not think it was those ,ones small preemies. And then we hit the hospital, who like the Pead said, I did not told them, you coming but they cannot wait to see you. When I hit the hospital, loads of memories hit me. For a while a few months ago it was my home and the people inside my family. They were all so excited to see us and Nika and Wium. We peep into ICU and there was this super small baby. Luv was shock and ask, Geee how much do that baby weigh..... she was 800g more than our babies. Its unbelievable how small  they were and for us they were babies!!!!

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