Feb 9, 2014

I think you always think of your kids like baby-size and you don’t keep track of time, age and size. You think they too small to do a thing and the next moment you surprised by what they have just done. I was scrolling through my phone this weekend and came upon a video clip of the exact day a year ago. It was a clip of the two of them on the squash courts I was shock at how small and unbalanced they were. If I see how they operate now on that courts it amazing!!


Daily they are doing more and more dangerous stuff. Funny how you don’t want them to get hurt but you also know you have to let go otherwise they will never learn, life!

To see the difference between boys and girls are so fascinating.

I am much geared for accidents but please hope I will never need to use it! I don’t freak easily but when things happen to my kids I freeze!! Thank you so much for angles protecting them daily!

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