Feb 24, 2014

One of the things I hate most in life is “TO HAVE MY PERIODS” that bloody bitch is killing me and after all she just ruin my life with her appearance.

And with my non-working-uterus with her monthly party-trick of only shedding her lining I have had enough!!

I have had an operation 8 years ago to get rid of my endometrioses and it was heaven on earth afterwards but I think it’s back home again! So I talk to my gyni and about a month ago.....are you sitting down for this....

ME THE INFERTILE WENT ON CONTRACEPTION!!!  Yes it’s out!!!! Can you believe!! After all these years I settle for it. I’ve got the loop! The Mirena is my new friend.

I def not went on contraception because I was scared I got pregnant with twins without my tubes.

..  for the never bleed again ever!! I never want to see blood again!! That’s why I got it.

I t still feel like a joke to be on contraception.

The last month I was reading an article of Dynamic women. Because of my terrible monthly flowing this was an amazing story for me.

Most women don’t think about sanitary pads and tampons you just put them on your shopping list because you need them. If you think that the average women will use 16 800 pads or tampons( I think I have double that)  But there are people who is living on a extremely low budget or in very rural areas that can afford it. So what do they do ( I was always wonder about it)

Some kids are missing out on school when having their periods because of not having pads. Some girls using newspaper or share pads or using bags of sand in their panties. Which is terrible and cause infections.

Sue Barnes have start this project Subz ( Project Dignity) where they give out a girly hamper to these girl with panties and design pads which can be wash. This is just amazing!! You can just imagine what dignity it give this girls.

I am defiantly giving them some money for this project!! I know how bad this montly periods can be.

Go and have a look on her web site. www.subzpads.co.za

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