Feb 13, 2014

Every parent brings up their kids in the best way they think. ( or so I hope)

But more and more I see sitting-on-their-ass-parents. Kids bulling others ( and make no mistake mine did that too) but if with other kids I as the parent need to look out for that and learn my kids it’s a No No!!!.   But some parents just say..... The kids need to sort themselves out!! Have you ever!! Are they just stupid??? How the hell do a one year old stand up against a 4 year old?

And how do kids learn if the parents are too lazy getting up and helping their kids. And always funny how the bully of two who’s idiotic parents say sort it out is still the bully at 18!!

And then if you kids cannot swim and you just leave them to look after them self( the sitting on the ass parents know there is always “ the Other Parents” who will look after their kids two!!  And if “ the other parents” look after their own kids, and not yours and something happen , who is crying the hardest them??????? Sitting-mommy???

And sometimes I wonder how must a kid feel if mommy is never  looking out for them? Because this is going to be their life for ever. Will mommy came and watch their school games( or do “the others Parnts”need to cheer your kids on) will mommy ever have time for them, or do they need to sort their own life out ???? Just wondering??

Years ago a girl of 19 told me how her parents are irritating her because they want her to come and visit all the time, but her whole life her parents was always busy with their own stuff, entertaining and parties. The kids need to sort them self out and keep busy by themselves all time. She are so use to that so why now when she have  her own life her parents want to have attention?? They were never there for her??

 Is this how this kids going to feel one day?

May my kids never feel left out !!!

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