Jul 8, 2013

The 4th of July have new meaning for me... it was the end of a special baby-time and the beginning of the new era of the twin’s life.

Their sleeping cots got to small and Wium start getting out of his, in no time. So it was time for the BIG MOVE...from cots to BIG BEDS!!

If it was my decision I would have kept them in the cots till they were 18. Its work super. I got them into synchronized sleeping patterns day and night , but what will happen now!!

My dad made this super cute cots which I love !! and now they need to take the road! And I just cannot get rid of them, what if maybe-me-the-tubeless can get miracle-pregnant???? And I don’t have my cots????

So Thursday it was the big move after work, removing the cots, getting the new beds in ect!! It was so emotional for me. I said to Luv, I don’t want to cry in front of the twins ( he laugh) I cried my heart out and all he said, was its just emotional for you, the twins think its Xmas and I am glad they bigger now!!

The twins love their beds, they slept great and did not get off their beds till morning. When they wake in the morning they call us, to fetch them.

SO I suppose they big now!!!


Last night in their cots!!
Hello new big beds!!


  1. Wow their beds look great. We made the transition a few months ago and it also went fairly smoothly. Although our 'big beds' are just the cots with the sides removed so not such a big move for our two.

    Isn't it sad to see our babies growing up. I mean it's great, but a little bitter-sweet to know that the baby stage is behind us.

  2. I hate to think the baby-stage are over forever!!!!