Jul 15, 2013

Its  winter which mean more time inside, which mean more   “new-exploring-for-the-kids”. We have been lucky with a warmer winter this year but it seem like it hit us now!

The noise in this house !!!! its scooter with reckless-drivers on it!

Its  noises of enjoyment-screaming while rolling over couches, beds and floors.

They are having a time of their life! And I need to make another big mind-shift to let go and let them have fun! But all I can think.... MY POOR HOUSE !

Most of  the stuff they doing now are more exploring than doing bad, but weekly the exploring is turning my hair more into grey than anything.

When we were at my brother’s 2 weeks   ago ,the twins climbed through the burglar bars, great fun!!! So last week while doing the washing, they were in their room enjoying their new big beds....I was doing the washing when I pop to see what they up too.....they were busy trying to go through the burglar bars in their room. I got such a fright!! Because if through they on to the garage-roof!! I did not make a fuss just closed the window and leave it. I don’t want them to think I don’t like it be cause  then they will do it!.

Friday morning I thought there’s not much they can do ... I will quickly slip and take a shower and wash my hair. It was great, the me time!! But when I enter the living room , a cloud of ass was hanging in the room... with little buckets they have been in the fire place and was  emptying the bucket of asses all over the mat. It was the biggest mess in the world!! I wanted to cry!! And it took me so much time to get the mess clean up!!
and yesterday while me and luv was busy doing  some housework, they get on the spare room ‘s bed and took 3 framed painting ( I think the only 3 that are looking great ) they rip the back-side’s open and tearing it into small little pieces!!

They at a stage where they at each other side ALL the time, just having a ball!!


Kids having fun with family and friends...

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