Jul 11, 2013

                                        My New Kitchen!!

Rome have not been built in 100 years and it look as if Rome have been move to our address!!!

To get stuff tick off took 100 years!!


But at last my Kitchen-redo has been done! It took awhile due to, two extra’s we hire...they were very excited workers but OOOO not the best!! Sorry twins!

And then when the kitchen was finish there was just not time to took the pic’s because its never tidy anymore.


I repaint the  cupboards; change the lights, put new handles on and the best got a new WORKING STOVE!! You would not believe the joy of a working stove.. I am not the best cook in the world, but now, watch out!!! People! Masterpieces are showing their faces from that stove.
                                 Dad and his helper!
                                  The extra's helping!
                              You doing good, DAD!
                        The before....
                            Welcome in my home....

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