Jul 31, 2013

The twins are all over the place, exploring and playing and wanted to learn more and more about everything!!

They two little sponges, slurping up, all life can through at them now. Its amazing to see what interest them and how daily they develop more and more. I let them play most of day, playing is learning!

Their high light is when daddy comes home after work and they kick-start-their-black-little-scooter and hit the road! Daily they put more adventure in it. Going faster and taking on more neighbours-drive-ways.

They want to do everything we do – sometimes very funny to watch.

Geeeezzz I watch pic’s from their first 3 months and I cried!!!! When I look at that foodies its all the memories..... just realizing again and again how special they are and how privilege we are to be their parents!!!

And less than 2 months.... the twins turn two!!! Wow!! Can this be.... mommy need some party-ideas!!!

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  1. You must throw a big party and call all your friends and neighbors. Have a blast. Prepare for barbeque and some music. It's time to celebrate their 2 months.

    Best Wishes
    Kunik Goel
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