May 22, 2013

what a mess
soak up !!

Sometimes you just get days which rock the boat!! And yesterday was just such a day.

It begins with Nika getting up first. When they wake they will sit and chat and play till we fetch them. We did not hear Wium and he was def wake for awhile and with no one pitching to get him !!!

When I hear the moving of the cot on the wooden floor I go up and fetch him.... he was so bored he took off all his clothes, diaper as well and pee all over his cot!!!!!!!!!

I struggling to got everything washed, while getting back from outside after hanging all the washing it was dead quiet in the house! What did I discover next....... they climb onto the cupboard got the bum cream and was busy smearing each other !!!!!!!

 While cleaning everything up again which take time I hear a sound I don’t know, running upstairs....... they got a tissue box!! And destroy it!! I want to cry!.

While cleaned up this..... I got down stairs while they were busy with yogurt smearing that onto my carpet which I washed the previous day!!! How they got that??? I don’t know? I think they are lifting each other up to get what they wanted!!

We ended the day with working in the garden!!! They all soak-up!!!


And I have had friends over for dinner!! How the hell I got all wrap of the day.... don’t know!!!


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