May 7, 2013

Weekends are so nice to just have a break and with daddy at home.

This past weekend Luv made a comeback, since the kids have been born he did not do sport ( very un usual for him) so he enter a mountain bike race 44km.

I took the kids to have a look when daddy finish. I was at the race for 20 minutes before they start rolling in the mud !! I wanted to cry and them were having the time of their lives. There was not one single place on the body that was not covered in mud. I ended up sitting next to the muddy pools for 45 minutes took of all their clothes put diapers on and go home!! We did not see daddy finish!!

Daddy was having fun !!

Twins was having a ball!!

Mommy was working!!

I painted the doll house, looks like a ice-cream shop now!! They love it! Sunday we just chill in this wonderful sunny days!

Kitchen are getting loads of attentions we painted last night till late , another night of paint and we finish the pics will follow soon!

Funny how things get finish when you put your head on it!! I just can not take all this loose end jobs any more!
Sunday Lunch!!

 The "new" Ice-cream shop

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  1. So cool!!! Dink net hoe lekker gaan hulle daarin speel xx