Feb 6, 2013

Tomorrow we will be flying to Johannesburg to Wium and Nika’s Grandparents who live there. Luv need to be there for work-related-stuff, so we extend it for a few days and make a visit of it.

And I am always seeing forward to anything that are different from the usual!.

I just want to go, I don’t care if the twins will not sit still ( because they will not)

I don’t mind if they cry, ( babies do cry)

I don’t care if it will be total chaos, ( it because it will be)

The one thing is just this....I can’t wait to board that plain, for the most simple reason...I AM ADDICTED TO TRAVELING!! And this will the first time on n plain since we have the twins!! And hopefully not the last!

One of my passions are travelling, and to foreign countries even better. It’s difficult to describe, but for me to be on a airport hearing different voices and languages to be total lost.... give me a buzzzzzzzz, I just love it!!! It make me tick!

I love the excitement and the seeing forward to the un expectant. When we travel I don’t want to know anything about the new place.... I want to feel it, smell it, hear it and want to enjoy it!! To see how other people are doing things, seeing their countries and way of living, and boy did we visit interesting places!!

While we had our First-class-seats( only First class ever, had the front seat),  on the IF-BUS there were times we skip some treatment and save our money to travel. If I   look back at our IF years, I am so glad we did travelling because that’s the good memories we’ve got in our sad life them.

Luv and me are the best travel-mates ever!! The fun we have and the memories we have together are high lights of our life, and we did holidays on strange ways. We did the low budget, the backpack, the working holiday and the strike it lucky holidays.

If there are one thing we would love our kids to experience one day, then it will be to explore the WORLD!!!.

For now we don’t have the extra money for seeing the world ( and I do miss that travel-bug that keeps on biting my ass) and I do sneaks on travel sites a lot and dream zzzzzzzzzzzzz

If my eyes roll over all of the countries that are reading my blog.... I go on a spin of excitement...maybe one day I will experience your country.

What will a life be, if we don’t have dreams!!


But for now Joburg here we come...

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