Feb 27, 2013

I am not you menu-planning-wanna-be-chef-mommy.

But when I got my babies, the one thing that is top of my list is to give my kids the best health options in life.

Kids have no say in life!! When still in the uterus they cannot say Mommy please don’t smoke !! you killing me , I don’t get enough oxygen for development, you giving me a knock on my system. Mommy don’t drink, you making me drunk and I hate it!. Mommy I need healthy food for development, not junk food. Don’t you want the best for me??? I thought you wanted me??

And then when they born, they have no say in what and the amount of stuff you put in their mouth. They count on you to give them the best.

I just listen to and doctor on radio and they said, what a big influence it have on a baby body of 18 months who are overweight, it’s so scary!  Its just not healthy. What you put in will show. Babies will not be overweight if  feed right. I can see what effect extra weight have on my body, you can  just think what effect it have on a small kid.

And this made me realize why I do all this effort for my kids, cooking healthy meals for them daily. Not being a sweety-bribing-mommy. Its for their future,hopefully they will thank me one day.


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