Jan 19, 2012

Tomorrow the twins need to go for their vaccinations again, shame! Would be nice to see how much they weigh... It’s hard to take them now because they are more knowing what’s going on around them.

They are more and more awake during the day. Wium being awake most of time. He now only scream when he is tooooooo tired but don’t want to just close his eyes!! Nika  is a dream ( yes , they have change over. Nika was the busy one first)

They giggle and goo alot  and just enjoy  little things I do with them. I do alot of stimulation activities and they love it. They laugh alot and it is so cute , I just adore them so much. Luv hate to go to work in the mornings, because he miss them so much.

I am very privilege to be with them the whole day. Some days to get hectic but I have wait so long for them, how can I be fed up and need a break???? The 10 year break was long enough, thanx

I have to plan my day to get everything done. I don’t have any help and I cope , well.

At night they are a breeze, Nika will drink her last bottle at 9 and only wake at 6 and Wium drink also at 9 and will wake at 3 and 6....but last night he only wake at 5!!  I was on duty so, it was a wake at 5 and 6!!! Great!! Every other night the luv is on duty , so you do get every second night a sleep-through-night!

 I am not doing any routine on them , just let them be and it seems to work!!!

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