Jan 23, 2012

Friday was the twin’s vaccinations again... Wium was fast asleep when the sister inject, shame and he scream!!! I was feeling so sorry for him!!! After the Chiro fix his sucking last time , he was going all way. He now weigh 5,8kg and have grown like a giraffe!! From 52 to 57,5cm... he is longer than Nika for the first time.

Nika still have the advance of weighing 6,060kg, but beware... brother is at your heals, sister!!  And her length is 56cm.

They are both on track and if you see them, Premmie-time was long long ago!!! They have grown so much , my throat is blocking if I seen that , because I love the small babies.

We are very lucky they have never been sick and  are doing great!!

This weekend we where away and the camping cot thing don’t work, its just too much packing so we made a floor bed and they sleep like kings in it. They now went to bed between 8 and 9 and Wium will wake at half past 2 and Nika at 4 o clock . How we got here......dont know, but its super fantastic!!!!!

The 2 are gooooing ang gaagggging the whole time and its like having conversations with them. Nika wants to talk for hours and Wium think life is a joke!! He is laughing all the time!! When he wake early mornings its not so funny for us to laugh but he think life’s a joke!!! Looks like he will be our son floating through life, you go boy!!!!!!

They  were a bit grumpy after the injections but are fine now.

We are enjoying them so much!!!!!!

can you spot the twins in their floor bed????