Jan 15, 2012

Rest in peace...OUMA

This is my Grandma at 90 years, seeing the twins. Its some of the last pic we have of her!!!

Then 2 days before Christmas day my grandma of 90 pass away!!!  Not a nice time  of the year to go...

So just after Christmas we went to her funeral. “ Ouma” was saying she just wanted to see the twins, please. The day when we left ICU for home....we pass her hometown and on the way stop to do our first feed out of ICU on our own and I ask my mother to fetch her .....she was  one of the first people to see the twins....she was so happy to have seen the babies and could not stoping talk about them....and now she is gone!!!

At the funeral it was the first time, where allot of family and people my mother know have seen the twins.  You can not believe how excited the people are to see them. They are adorable now!!!!!!

It was wonderful to for the first time ever to be a family on Christmas!! Wow we just love it!!! And we are just sooooo happy!!!!!! For the first time we enjoy it and feel part!

Not that the babies really know whats up but anyway!!!.

Suro-sus kids was so excited to see father “Christmas” glad you can bull shit them still...


  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Innige deelneming.
    Dit is 'n skoon ouderdom en ek is baie bly dat je Ouma die wonderlike tweeling nog sien voordat hulle hierdie wêreld verlaat het. Rus in Vrede.
    Baie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,

  2. Jammer dat je grootmoeder stierf, ze heeft het geluk van de kleintjes nog meegemaakt.
    liefs Niekie