Jan 11, 2012

Chapter 2

The weather this holiday was great!! It was amazing, best ever. It was the first holiday where we only swim once ( when friends did babysitting for a few minutes) and it was the first holiday with zero-tanning.

We did do allot of walking with the babies. Every morning and every evening till late. And they just adore it. They loved the walks with the ubbabubba-wraps on the beach.

In the holiday it was time for their vaccinations. Shame!!! The sister that did it was so surprise to see them ,because they went through a growth-BOOM!! I think its all the love they got from us.

Wium went from 3,58kg to 4,78 kg in a month’s time. He grows from 52cm to 57,5cm.

Nika  went from 3,78kg to 5,140kg and grow 52cm to 58cm. They doing so good!

After that they go to the chiropractor. Nika’s neck are fine now, its unbelievable what the chiro did for her. We told the girl about Wium’s sucking thats not good.  She work on his pallet bones and wholla.... he is sucking like a fish!!! And picking up weight like a hippo!

Suro-sus visit us for a few days. She is doing great! Her kids just love Nika and Wium and just want to help with the feedings and the baths and the diaper changing. I enjoy the extra help too.

beach walking....


ready for their walks...

look at my cute baby-sitters!

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