Jan 10, 2012

Holiday....Chapter 1

I will tell you my holiday in a few posts: so lets rock and roll.

After a very emotional, hectic and overwhelming 2011!!! A year that I still cannot believe end like that. We really needed a break. We needed a break to just glue as a new family and to just for the first time ever to be a family!! Still feels weird to be called a ”FAMILY”!!!! and geez it feels GREAT!!!!!

The 16th we went to Stillbay for the holiday.  

If you could see the car..... its was pack to the roof!! And if you know me ( who love.... flowers) there was 3 pot plants packed at my feet and a orchid on my lap. The twins at the back.... you could not see. So to get to them we needed to stop along the road. Have to say the twin stuff took up allot of space, but who cares. Me and luv can pack a car, after all you just need space to see the road!!!

From the moment we arrive till the moment we left.... the twins have grown!!!!! And develop!!!!!

At home they sleep in their own room , but the holiday they slept next to us! We make turns to be on night duty and it work like a bomb!!! Every second night you get a good night’s sleep zzzzzzzzzz.

Nika who was the little rocker turn into a sweet little girlie. She is a real dream!! But Wium turn into “trouble” he never want to go to sleep, not even at night time. So he is grumpy all the time , BECAUSE he is tired!!!! ( all everyone is saying...... just like his mommy!! She don’t want to go and sleep ever...)

If you put Nika in the cot she will get up in the same position, but Wium is like clock.....turning and tossing all the time. Once he was lying on top of Nika. When we hit home 2 days ago they slept in their own cots and it work wonderfully!

Nika will take her last bottle at 9 at night and will wake at 5 or 6 in the morning. YES she sleep through the night . jippeee ....and Wium????? He will take his last bottle at 9 at night  and then he will wake every 2 to 3 hours!!!  Thats the trouble with twins!!! ( I don’t think they know , but we are trying something new this evening.... hope it work!)

Luv doing a tandem-feed!!

yes Wium are tired!!! because he dont ever sleep!

Look Wium is pulling Nika's bow on her top, and she hates it!

can you believe.... he is a sleep zzzzzzz


  1. Zo schattig, very lovely pictures, Thanks, i enjoy the pictures of the happy baby's, makes me happy
    Greets Niekie

  2. Dag liewe Cstelle,
    Vreugde, bly moederskap!


    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,