Sep 2, 2016

When the kids was 2 years old I was caught up in this only baby-all-day I join the photography group in town. I love photos but the main reason for joining was..... to go and sit one night a month to have me time!!

Monthly they have a theme and you have to send in 3 pics each month. Yes you do get the whole years theme in the beginning of the year, so its actually dam easy just go and take your camera and shoot....

but after 3 years now I just don't get time to shoot the dam theme. I receive the email... Remember your photos must be in  tonight ( usually a Sunday night)... then I go into over drive!! cause what if everyone is like me and don't send there pics they will not be a club.

So then I crap the camera run off don't have a clue on which setting my camera must be. If I want to press my camera one of the twins are in the pic, yelling at them to get lost helps for 2 seconds. If I lay down for a better angle they jump op top of me so yes how the hell I got my pics in are crazy and I think its very bad photos that got send at the end...

but one day it will all go better... at least once a month I got my me-time and the club laughing at my photos.

this months theme was an "open " one, so anything goes. This was what I did. Maybe the more arty angle will help. Luv think its ridiculous and I think so too but I have had 15 min before sending time
yes the two big rabbits are in most of the photos!! the reason my pic look shit
and then after downloading I need one more so running upstairs throw the 100 and 1000 in n bowl with one of the kids toys for light put the bed light on it.... its one of photos big NO NO cause it made n yellow light but I only click it after pressing the send button!!

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