Sep 30, 2016

The miracle twins turn 5!!!!!!!!!! I can not believe its 5!!!!! after 10 freaking long years of IF I have 5 years of kids which feel like 6 months!!! just show you bad things feel forever and good thing like a flash!!

Love you two with all of my heart!! you have bless my life in so many ways xxxxxx

for the party we have had this he slide... my mom and aunt are trying the slide out before the kids arrive
great fun I think my mom are going to rent this for her 70's party next year
 for not being a baker this turn out pretty good!!
not the first dog party as you can see... now it  was Paw Patrols turn
... and then the kids arrive and it was PARTY TIME...

like spiders climbing the ropes

 they have never stop sliding for 3 hours non stop
                                                             any kids dream...
all the friends
water balloons wowowowow
are you ready???
and when dad are jumping with ..its best fun ever...
... and after this 5 year bash....all the kids was knock out the night....

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