Oct 13, 2016

Funny how you think each month…this month you will have more time on hands…just to get less done.

It always feel like I don’t do anything, but when I look back.. I have been doing stuff all the way all the day.


I am doing Aqua classes for just over a year now!! Yes three times a week, early before anyone wakes in this house. It’s a huge knock on the shoulders for me, the one who are not n morning person. Throughout winter in storm and rain and icy temperatures I was in that pool giving my best. And boy I feel great !!! and  two weeks ago I start running again… cause I need to do something I never done before for the year ( I am doing this things for years now) so I am going a trail run soon!!  I suppose I will be last and near dead, but this mamma neat to get her ass up!

My photo books are not near finish….


But exciting stuff are on the way……
I took a dear friend for her bday for a outing....surprise something...Horse riding. We both can not ride a horse...this is me, dam scared!
my friend in the back. It was such a great day! horse back safari on a game reserve. We have so such laughter. My horse was half dead I think, but this is what happen of you tell the guide . please give me the most tame horse. He did not hear tame but lame...
the horses only walk all the way, but we do look impressive!

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